For a 12th year in a row the students from Corporate Communication master track (GSC), University of Amsterdam, presented the results of their research projects in front of their peers and lecturers. CSR campaigns, social media relations, employer branding, and communication technology use were among of the topics discussed.


The annual symposium marks the conclusion of the two essential courses taught during the first semester of the Corporate Communication Master track – Strategic Communication in Organizations (SCiO) and Strategic Communication of Organizations (SCoO). During these seminars the students worked on their own research projects that were presented at the event. For SCiO participants showed their findings in the form of scientific posters and for SCoO they had to do a short presentation during parallel sessions in front of a lecturer and some of their peers.


The symposium was launched with a key note address from prof. dr. Noelle Aarts. This year Noelle Aarts was designated most inspirational communications professional of 2016 by the leading specialist magazine Communicatie, on the basis of a ranking by 250 experts. During the symposium she talked about the need of real dialogue. “Many conversations are just a sum of monologues, listening is sometimes non-existent”, she said. Prof. dr. Aarts also discussed the threat of bonding that can sometimes kill creativity. She explained that innovation spurs from different perspectives but in today’s society conformism is so widespread that often it is hard to come up with a new perspective.


Throughout the symposium the students presented their SCiO posters. This year’s topic focused on the information communication technology use and its outcomes. Some of the students choose to investigate its relation with exhaustion while others focused on job satisfaction while also examining the effects of the boundary creation strategy. During the SCoO parallel session, projects on topics like the reactions of the public on different CSR frames, the use of social media for corporate branding, the relation between media coverage and corporate reputation were discussed.


Check out the full list of projects and abstracts presented at the Amsterdam Corporate Communication Symposium 2016.


Traditionally, the symposium ended with the announcement of the two winning projects. The best research poster award was given to the team who conducted the study “The influence of boundary creation on job satisfaction and exhaustion in work-related ICT use” – Jasmin Eigemann, Dayana Horozova, Caroline Jechow and Vihra Toneva.

The prize for best SCoO research paper was for “Employer branding through the prism of job advertisements” from Caroline Jechow, Georgina Camps, Olaf Schoelink and Vihra Toneva. The winners of both awards got a free one-year membership of Welcom (the Amsterdam network for communication professionals).


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