Image courtesy of Twitter @etmaal2017

Image courtesy of Twitter @etmaal2017

Etmaal conference brings together communication scholars from Flanders, the Netherlands and beyond with the objective to exchange research findings and discuss emerging topics. Traditionally, the UvA Corporate Communication group members also took part. Take a look at the program and learn more about the lectures at the 2017 edition. 


The theme of the 2017 conference was “Innovative Methods in Communication Research”. Communication scholars increasingly embed innovative research methods in their research practices. These innovative methods encompass both new quantitative approaches, such as the use of neuroscientific methods for revealing the neuropsychological basis of media effects or computational methods for collecting and analyzing big data, as well as new qualitative approaches, such as the use of (digital) ethnography to unravel digital cultural practices. This year’s conference theme was devoted to the novel insights that these innovative methods generate into the interplay between individuals and the media, and how they thus ultimately advance our understanding of society.


The Corporate Communication group members participated as lecturers during the conference and discussed important topics related to the organizational communication and journalism. Noëlle Aarts, Sandra Jacobs, Anke Wonneberger, Ronald Rice, who is a visiting professor at UvA, Toni van der Meer, Pytrik Schafraad, Theo Araujo, Ward van Zoonen, and Nadine Strauss. took part in the “Organizational communication” sessions and talked about issues ranging from new ways of working and CSR to stakeholders in organizational communication and crisis communication.


In the sessions dedicated to journalism Anne Kroon, Jelle Boumans, Nadine Strauss, Jeroen Jonkman, Rens Vliegenthart, Piet Verhoeven, Toni van der Meer, Theo Araujo and Mark Boukes presented information focused on innovation in journalism, how we can study the news and learn more about their mechanisms and what role does the visual communication play in framing the information.


There was also a special attention dedicated to the new opportunities for communication research and Theo Araujo presented “Teaching Digital Analytics for beginners – beyond Excel and SPSS” during the panel “Keeping up with software innovation and the computational turn in communication science curricula and research”. Moreover, Noelle Aarts discussed the need for dialogue during the panel “Science Communication: Where Science, Technology and Society Meet”.


For more detailed information you may take a look at the program or visit the Etmaal site.

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