Our Team is going to be busy at Etmaal 2018, which is taking place between 8 – 9 February in Ghent!

Find more information about the conference here.

Our contributions 

Session 1: Thursday 11:15-12:15

Transformative consumer research – Persuasive Communication

Marijn Meijers, Paola Remmelswaal and Anke Wonneberger

Using Visual Feedback Metaphors to Stimulate Clothing Recycling


Media debates – Media Industries and Policies

Sandra Jacobs and Anke Wonneberger

Enacting mediatization in public sector organizations: The role of

communication managers


Online organizational communication – Organizational Communication

Jos Bartels, Ward van Zoonen, Anne-Marie van Prooijen and Alexander Schouten

Can I just shout or should I really listen? – The role of Organizational


Facebook Communication in Employees’ Electronic Word of Mouth

Iina Hellsten, Anke Wonneberger and Sandra Jacobs

How actors shape issue arenas on Twitter: Food issues in the Netherlands


Guy Laban and Theo Araujo

Working as a team: The influence of cooperation with a chatbot on customer service perceptions



Session 2: Thursday 15:30-16:30

Consumer behaviour – Persuasive Communication

Ward van Zoonen, Bartels Jos, Anne Marie van Prooijen and Alexander Schouten

Explaining online ambassadorship behaviours on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lisa de Klerk, Ewa Maslowska, Stephan Winter, Young-Shin Lim and Theo Araujo

The device matters: Investigating the differences between mobile and nonmobile

customer reviews


Hate speech and perceptions of migration – Political Communication

Tamara Raats and Anne C. Kroon

Threat or Asset? How European News Coverage on Migrant Workers Influences Economic Perceptions of Immigration


Anne C. Kroon, Toni Van der Meer and Jeroen Jonkman

Confirming Bias without Knowing? Using Implicit and Explicit Stereotypes to Predict Selection of Biased News Content


Session 3: Thursday 16:35-17:35

Mediated health interactions – Health Communication

Toni van der Meer and Yan Jin

Seeking Formula for Misinformation Treatment in Public Health Crises: The Effects of Corrective Information Type and Source


News consumption and citizenship – Journalism

Mark Boukes, Alyt Damstra and Rens Vliegenthart

Economic news and consumer confidence: How media dependency theory explains the effects on economic perceptions


Internal communication – Organizational Communication

Martine Van Selm and Anne Cornelia Kroon

(Meta-)stereotypes of older workers: Towards a communication intervention aimed at countering age-prejudice at the workplace


Session 4: Friday 9:30-10:30

Selective exposure to political information – Political communication

Michael Hameleers and Toni Van der Meer

Misinformation and polarization in a high-choice media environment: Can fact-checkers effectively discredit misinformation?


Tom Powell, Toni van der Meer and Carlos Brenes Peralta

Picture power? The contribution of news visuals to politically motivated selective exposure


Session 6: Friday 12:00-13:00

Agenda setting – Political communication

Rens Vliegenthart and Alyt Damstra

Parliamentary Questions, Newspaper Coverage and Consumer Confidence: The Moderating Role of Crisis Severity


Alyt Damstra, Mark Boukes and Rens Vliegenthart

The political consequences of economic news: A panel data study of the impact of economic news and economic perceptions on government support