Congratulations to Anne Kroon, Joost Verhoeven and Brendon Voogt for being awarded for their research!

Anne Kroon won the Top Student Paper Award,  from the Intergroup Communication Interest Group at the 2017 International Communication Association (ICA) conference in San Diego! Her paper Biased Media? Explaining age discrimination claims with media stereotypes investigated the relationship between media coverage about older workers and the filing of age discrimination claims by this group over a ten-year period (2004-2014). 


Further recognition went to Joost Verhoeven and Brendon Voogt who, alongside Vibeke Madsen from Aarhus University,  were awarded the Best Applied Paper Award at the CCI conference on Corporate Communication in New York. Their paper Employee Motivations for Self-Censorship on Social Media investigated the risks employees perceive when they wish to express work related issues on social media and the self-censorship strategies they employ to reduce these uncertainties. In particular, the authors found that employees often omit controversial content from their messages to protect personal and corporate reputations.