PhD Candidate: Alyt Damstra
Project description:

The economic crisis (2007-2013) that hit many Western countries has received ample media attention, but the way in which the media covered the crisis is still understudied from an academic perspective. This PhD position is part of the larger project ‘Media coverage as a catalyst for economic crises? Causes, content and consequences of economic news coverage’. While the larger project has an outspoken cross-national perspective, the focus of this sub project is on the Netherlands. We aim to provide insights into the way in which the crisis was covered by Dutch media outlets. Furthermore, we want to investigate the effects of coverage on economic perceptions and political preferences of citizens, while taking the impact of a crisis context into account. Finally, we aim to shed light on the extent to which different key actors were able to influence the news. In order to answer these questions, we rely on a diverse variety of advanced methods, which include quantitative and qualitative content analyses, time-series analyses and interviews.