Recent socio-economic events, such as the economic crisis, corporate scandals, and heated political debates show that interrelationships between media, organizations and the public sphere have become more and more intertwined. Finding out about the causes, content and effects between these three actors is one of the key research areas of our research group. We employ various methods, ranging from large-scale automated content analyses to survey and experimental research, as well as qualitative methods. In doing so, we investigate the dynamic and longitudinal interactions between media, corporations, political actors, specific organizational stakeholders, and the general public. With our findings, we do not only contribute to scientific discussions, but we also seek to provide valuable insights for practitioners in the economic and political sphere.


Research Themes

  • What are the dynamics of company news and how do they influence the causes, content, and consequences of news about corporations in the Netherlands?
  • What are the interrelations of media and the stock market and do they have a mutual relationship?
  • Is the media coverage a catalyst for economic crises and what are the causes, content and consequences of economic news coverage?