CSR is an umbrella term that encompasses various overlapping areas such as corporate citizenship, stakeholder theory, business ethics and corporate sustainability. CSR Communication deals with the strategic positioning of organizations and the way they show their responsibilities towards the society. CSR has clear links with corporate identity and corporate reputation, in a sense that more organizations include CSR in the heart of their business strategy. Studies on the effect of CSR for the reputation of organizations have shown that only sincere and genuine CSR efforts seem to be rewarded, and that too much focus on marketing and reporting are considered greenwashing or identity washing.


Research Themes

  • What is the fit between the organization and the cause the organization is supporting?
  • What is the role of CSR for employees?
  • What is the impact of labels on food and consumers’ skepticism?
  • What role plays the consistency of a CEO’s behavior regarding to CSR?

In future research, we are including social media, dialogue and engagement, since CSR is part of a bigger way for organizations to claim their future position in society, and its corporate identity.