Rutger de Graaf works as innovation advisor and lecture at the Department of Communication Science. After completing his Master’s degrees in Classical History and Communication Science at the UvA (2002 and 2003, respectively), Dr Rutger de Graaf first worked as a market researcher, applying scientific methods of media analysis in a commercial environment. In 2005 he began doctoral research on the rise of the newspaper in the nineteenth century and subsequent decline of the pamphlet (Utrecht University, 2005-2009). His doctoral thesis (in Dutch) was published in 2010 by Prometheus/Bert Bakker under the title Journalistiek in beweging (‘Journalism in motion’).

After receiving his doctorate, Dr de Graaf started experimenting with new ways of teaching, blended learning and MOOCs. He now works as lecturer and innovation advisor at our institute.

‘I have a deep and abiding interest in communication: its theory, science, history and practical applications. To comprehend the different facets of communication, it is necessary to understand and use a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods, such as in-depth interviewing, audience surveys, rhetorical analysis and (automated) frame analysis.’

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