Congratulations to our team member Martine van Selm for being appointed professor communication science within the Westerdijk programme. Read on to learn more about her work at the UvA and her research!

As of February 2018, dr. Martine van Selm is a full professor of communication science at the University of Amsterdam. She received this position within the NWO Westerdijk Talent Scheme, which purpose is to increase the number of female professors in the Netherlands.

Martine received her PhD in psychogerontology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen in 1998, and became a member of the communication science department at the same university, thereafter.

In 2010 Martine joined the UvA as director of the College of Communication. After successfully completing her first term in this position in 2015, she is currently fulfilling her second term. Her responsibilities in the College of Communication include managing the organization of the bachelor’s program. During her term, the College initiated the MOOCs Introduction to Communication Science , and Ethical dilemmas in Communication, and started an English bachelor’s program, in addition to the Dutch program.

Martine’s research has focused on communication of life-long working and learning; information and communication technologies in organizations; media and the elderly; and qualitative research methods. As a professor of communication science, she will continue, together with colleagues and PhD students, studying social perceptions in organizations, with focus on stereotypes of groups of employees, and more in particular older employees. Central in her work is the role of (corporate) media in creating, reinforcing and countering these stereotypes.

We are looking forward to many more years with her in our team!