Congratulations to our colleagues dr. Mark Boukes and dr. Toni van der Meer for being awarded Veni Talent grants by the NWO! These three-year grants provide them with the opportunity to research mediatization and negativity, and the influence of political satire.


Below a short summary of their projects:

Not just funny?: Political satire’s influence on youth political engagement
Dr. Mark Boukes

While the consumption of traditional news is rapidly declining, the popularity of political satire is growing, especially among a young audience. This project examines the democratic consequences of this “infotainment” phenomenon. In particular, it investigates whether and how political satire influences the political engagement of young Dutch citizens.

A negative media reality?
Dr. Toni van der Meer

Media are prone to select information with negative characteristics despite that global data show how living conditions have improved. This research investigates how media bias has changed over-time in news coverage, who self selects negative news today, and what the effects are on publics’ fear perceptions.

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