On February 6, our colleague dr. Theo Araujo presented his book Corporate branding and consumers on social media for SWOCC. The book sheds light on some of the key decisions companies have to consider when setting up or revisiting their social media architecture, and reports the results of content and network analysis of actual consumer and company activities on social media.

Among the key decisions that companies need to consider when setting up or revisiting their social media account architecture, the book highlights:

  1. Reflecting on the corporate branding strategy with product and corporate accounts
  2. Centralising or decentralising communication depending on the topic
  3. Empowering employees to represent the (corporate and/or product) brand on social media
  4. Selecting the right social media platforms based on consumer expectations

The analysis of a sample of Dutch tweets and Facebook posts indicates that corporate brands are rarely associated with product brands on social media either by consumers, or by brands. That said, when consumers connect corporate and product brands in their posts, it is often in the form of complaints or protests, whereas companies do so to leverage CSR or corporate ability associations.

Find more information about SWOCC and about the book. You can also see an interactive version of the network analyses in this online report.