The Master’s in Corporate Communication is a track within the Master’s Program in Communication Science. The Corporate Communication track is a one-year program of 60 ECTS credits and gives a broad understanding of the communication of commercial,  non-profit and public organizations with their environment and society. The first semester starts with two specialization seminars.

The master specialization course Strategic Communication approaches corporate communication from the meso-level of the organization and focus on strategic communication in and of organisations. The courses applies classic and recent communication theories to a range of topics that are relevant to the field of strategic communication; such as framing and discourse, dialogue and engagement, stereotyping, organizational culture, and leadership communication. The master specialization course Organisations, Media and Society approaches corporate communication from a macro-level perspective and discuss organizations in society, legitimacy and issue arenas, with a focus on the role of the media and strategic communication of organizations therein. The course also deals with the construction of organizational news (e.g. agenda-building and agenda-setting, visibility), framing, AI, misinformation, and crisis communication.

Next to the master specialization seminars, students deepen their knowledge of research methods and prepare for their thesis in specially dedicated courses. During the second semester, students participate in elective courses and work on their master thesis. Elective courses that are offered by the Corporate Communication Program Group include CSR Communication, PR, Media and the Public, Climate Change Communication, Sustainability Marketing and Communication, Digital Analytics and Shaping Society: How Organisations and Media Influence Public Issues.

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